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By Brighton Family Dentistry, PLLC
December 30, 2019
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If you're missing teeth, you may be all too aware of their importance to your appearance and oral health. Your teeth are designed to work together to help you speak and chew. When you're missing teeth, it is very difficult to do these things. Thankfully, missing teeth can be replaced with the help of Dr. Brian Petersburg and Dr. Brian Giammalva of Brighton Family Dentistry in Brighton, MI. Here, we offer a full range of dental services to our patients—here are 5 tooth replacement options that we may suggest during a consultation.

Full Dentures - Dentures are appliances that are custom made to replace a patient's lost teeth, and a full denture is used when all the teeth are missing. Made of a pink-colored plastic and supporting a full set of artificial teeth, full dentures can restore your smile and promote a more youthful appearance.

Partial Dentures - Partial dentures consist of false teeth attached to a pink-colored plastic base. They are sometimes connected by metal framework that holds the dentures in place. A partial denture is used when one or more natural teeth remain in the jaw.

Dental Implants - Many people choose dental implants to replace one or more lost teeth. Dental implants are small posts that are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw to support false teeth. They're made of titanium and other materials that are accepted by the body. There are many advantages to implants including improved appearance, durability, improved comfort, easier eating, and improved speech.

Implant Dentures - A set of dentures supported by and attached to dental implants, implant dentures are used when a patient doesn't have any teeth in the jaw, but has enough healthy bone to support dental implants.

Are you tired of missing teeth? Get your smile and self-confidence back. Call Brighton Family Dentistry today at 810-227-4224 to schedule a dental consultation in Brighton, MI.