What Are Dental Veneers?
By Brighton Family Dentistry, PLLC
April 08, 2019
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Would you like an attractive smile, free of flaws and stains? Dental veneers from Brighton Family Dentistry in Brighton, MI, could be your veneersticket to the smile of your dreams. Dr. Brian Petersburg and Dr. Brian Giammvala use these premiere ceramic laminates to improve the shape and color of otherwise healthy teeth.

Not just for celebrities

Veneers are a very popular aesthetic dental service offered by cosmetic dentists everywhere. Crafted one by one at a superior dental lab, veneers are tooth-shaped layers of natural-looking porcelain, which your Brighton, MI, dentist bonds to the front of teeth which have:

  • Detracting craze lines, fissures, or pitting
  • Cracks
  • Substantial chips
  • Uneven length
  • Odd configuration
  • Stains, which do not lighten with professional tooth whitening processes
  • Small alignment issues, such as gaps and crowding

Each veneer adheres to its tooth with specialty cement, which is accurately colored and bonded with a dental light for exceptional strength and durability. Additionally, Dr. Petersburg or Dr. Giammvala remove a certain amount of tooth enamel from each tooth receiving a veneer. This careful remodeling ensures the veneer stays in place and bites properly with the opposite arch of teeth.

Can you receive veneers?

Millions of people spot these beautiful ceramic laminates and that number increases each year, says the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. To qualify, your teeth should be free of fillings, decay, and sensitivity issues. The best candidates have healthy gum tissue, too. A complete oral examination and discussion of how you wish to change your teeth will tell you and your dentist if veneers are right for you.

You and your new smile

After two to three visits to Brighton Family Dentistry, you'll have your beautiful new veneers and expect them to look very natural. In fact, the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry says that most ceramists who craft veneers make them with slightly darker tones near the gum line--in other words, colored just as your natural teeth are. People will look at your smile and notice how good it looks but will never know you are wearing veneers.

Also, your enhanced smile will keep looking great for many years, 10 to 15 years before the veneers may need replacement. Just keep your usual good hygiene routine at home, and come to Brighton Family Dentistry for your semi-annual examinations and professional cleanings. Avoid hard foods, such as candy apples, and your veneers will remain chip-free.

Contact us

At Brighton Family Dentistry, we know your smile is a great personal asset. Dr. Petersburg and Dr. Giammalva want to keep it healthy and bright and, as you desire, enhance it with the modern services we have at your disposal. Call our Brighton, MI, office today to learn more about porcelain veneers: (810) 227-4224.